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Welcome to the ASA User Group Knowledgebase, hosted on

The Knowledgebase is built by the ASA user community to provide support to all users of ASA hardware and software, particularly amateur users.  It is intended to supplement ASA's official documentation (which remains the responsibility of ASA).

Now construction of the Wiki is under way we need the views of ASA users on how it should develop. Please respond to this thread on the ASA Forum if you want to contribute any thoughts on the Wiki's direction and priorities.

Latest News

Some people are experiencing problems registering. Please ensure you have cookies enabled; you may also want to add as a trusted site in your browser. If you are still unable to register then email with your preferred username and password and we will add you manually.

We have implemented caching which should improve the Wiki performance. If you experience any problems please report them to

We are now running the Wiki on its own domain name  Please use that address in your bookmarks or when referring others to the Wiki.

The privacy policyterms of use and disclaimer have all been updated - please see the links at the bottom of each page. The licensing policy has also been updated and is linked to via the terms of use.

Volunteers Required

We need volunteers to author content throughout the site but the following are priority areas where we need people to help:

The Autoslew page has been created as a skeleton and needs a lot of content to be added. If you feel able to do this please just go ahead.

The new Autoslew Main Screen page will document what each element of the main screen does. We need volunteers to start filling in the information. If you can help please just jump in and start adding text under the existing headings (please do not change the headings or this will mess up the links).

The new Autoslew Menus page will also document what each menu item does. Again, if you can help by adding text under the existing headings just go ahead (please also do not change the headings). At present only the top-level menus are on the page; the second level menus will be added very shortly.

A new Editors Forum has been created (look under Discussion Forum on the menu) to help coordinate these and other edits.

Guidance for Contributors

You do not need to be an expert in editing Wikis to contribute - it is really easy. Also do not feel you must have many years experience of using ASA hardware/software before you can author content - we need people to contribute material aimed at beginners, as well as expert users.

  • If you want to add content to the Wiki but are unsure how to start please refer to the Guidance for new contributors.
  • If you want to make suggestions for changes to existing pages please use the discussion tab at the top of each page.
  • If you want to make other suggestions (e.g. changes to the Knowledgebase structure) please use the Discussion Forum.

Join in and help other users with your knowledge!