The combination of Autoslew and ACP has always had a few things that were odd, and while most of them have been fixed there are still some quirks:

Solved Bugs

  1. The AtPark Status was not correct: As soon as Autoslew stopped tracking AtPark got true even if not parked. Has been fixed.
  2. The Tracking rate was wrong. ACP is doing a test if the telescope driver is able to change the tracking speed by setting RightAscensionRate to 0.01 and then quickly back to 0.0. Very often Autoslew didn't register this, leaving the tracking slightly too fast. This is supposed to be fixed.

Open Bugs

  1. The Nr. 2 Solved bug seems to be there anyway, strangerly. There is a fix for this. Add the following lines in AcquireSupport.wsc located in the ACP installation folder, starting at line 1811:
Util.WaitForMilliseconds 100
Telescope.RightAscensionRate = 0.0
Util.WaitForMilliseconds 100
Telescope.DeclinationRate = 0.0
This fix seems to work.

Wish List

Several people asked if there is a way of using MLPT from within ACP. The short answer is no, as the ASA developers have not declared an API to use the function from within other programs.

The long answer is that technically it would be relatively easy to make it work. One could integrate a call to Sequence (if it would be supported) from a UserAction, so that ACP would start an MLPT run just before imaging the target.

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