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This is the main screen for Autoslew. The screen illustrated is for Autoslew which is a beta release, but most of the information provided here applies equally to the current production release.

Much of the material here is based upon ASA documentation dating from 2012 (the most recent fairly comprehensive documentation). It has been updated here with known changes but not all details may be up to date.

This page is currently under development.

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Move controlsLicence and versionMenu barSave settingsHomefindSet Park 1Set Park 2SlewSyncToggle hand controllerSelect objectComet trackingLunar trackingSolar trackingSiderial trackingTracking offConfig and pointing actionsToggle LPTCurrent RACurrent DECSelected objectTelescope Alt/AzTelescope hour angleEpoch selectionImmediate motors stopMotors On/OffToggle manual modeLaser on/offFans speedLog messagesSave messages to fileClear messagesMove speedSet move speed (deg/sec)Use number pad to moveMove in small stepsMLPT time leftConfiguration in useFans statusCurrent pier sideTime to limitGPS statusCurrent timeLimits statusSCREENSHOT:Autoslew5228Main.jpg
About this image

Controls description

Licence and version

The title area of the Autoslew window provides details of the Autoslew version and who it is licensed to.

Menu bar

A reference guide to Autoslew menus and sub-menus is provided here.

Save settings


Set Park 1

Set Park 2



Toggle hand controller

Select object

Comet tracking

Lunar tracking

Solar tracking

Siderial tracking

Tracking off

Config and pointing actions

Toggle LPT

Current RA

Current DEC

Selected object

Telescope Alt/Az

Telescope hour angle

Epoch selection

Immediate motors stop

Motors On/Off

Toggle manual mode

Laser on/off

Fans speed

Log messages

Save messages to file

Clear messages

Move controls

Move speed

Set move speed

Use number pad to move

Move in small steps

MLPT time left

Configuration in use

Fans status

Current pier side

Time to limit

GPS status

Current time

Limits status