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The Sky X

Select ASA mount using ASCOM Telescope.

  • In the Telescope menu select "Telescope Setup"
  • In Imaging System select "Mount" and "Mount Setup/Chooser" there select "Astrooptik Server Telescope"
  • And to connect select "Connect" in Telescope menu or the Connect button
skyx connect.png

thesky ascom.PNG
  • Add your FOV indicator to show your CCD camera FOV in the chart as a blue rectangle
skyx FOV.png

WorldWide Telescope

Free planetarium software from Microsoft. Fantastic graphics with real photographic data from real science telescopes. Option to connect mounts through ASCOM.

Download here WorlWide Telescope

  • In the Telescope menu select "Choose Telescope and select "Astrooptik Server Telescope", then press Connect.
    Check "Track Telescope" to make WWT center and follow you mount position.

  • In the "Lock At" menu select "Sky". Now you can move around with the mouse and use the menus to select object, and zoom with the mouse wheel.
    Press "Slew" to move to a selected object. NOTE: The object cordinate sent to Autoslew is Julian 2000, not live cordinates so you get a bit off, I'm investigating how to change to live cordinates as AS uses. 

  • Check the "Field of View Indicators" to project you CCD chip coverage on the sky, right click this option and select "Setup" to configure OTA and camera.
    No support for ASA OTA but you can select a similar OTA that match, there is a config file behind the scene to edit to get a ASA OTA in the list.



Cartes du Ciel