Polar Alignment

So you set up your mount on your tripod or pier, and have your OTA on it, well balanced, and with good Motor Tuning. The next step is to get your system polar aligned. You want to get to a reasonable error in both RA and DEC axis, which ASA once specified to be like this:

Mobile setup Permanent setup
RA, < 10 arcmin RA, < 3 arcmin
DEC, < 10 arcmin DEC, < 3 arcmin

The steps involved in getting this done are the following:

  1. Delete old configuration in Autoslew
  2. Create a Pointing file (Either by hand or using Sequence)
  3. Load the Pointing file in Autoslew, Calculate configuration for collimation only
  4. Move the mount mechanically (so, not with the motors!)
  5. Start over with the first step if you didn't reached a "good enough" alignment

Sequence todo caption
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