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Sequence Release Notes

Version 09

  • Ini File and all User data will now be saved in the ProgramData folder since the ProgramFile folder is mostly write protected.

Typically, this new folder is now C:\ProgramData\ASA\Sequence

Version 204

  • Added support for Roll-Off Roof that can only open and close shutter and not move Azimuth
  • When Autofocus fails in Sequence, it selects another focus star and trys again

Version 205

  • Problem with MaximDL Autoguiding corrected after fresh Autofocus
  • With Sequence "Run Now", MaximDL is automatically connected to the Telescope, to avoid tracking errors
  • Skype not longer supported because Skype API is not longer existent in latest Skype Versions. In one of the next Versions I will add Email Support instead

Version 206

  • MLPT Algorithm changed so it will also work with less solved positions by using a linear fit for the missing solves.
  • Also, you can now enter the distance between 2 measurements in Sequence settings to use more solve positions

Version 207

  • New Autofocus Routine with new HFD calculation that will deal with large HFD values and also hot pixels

Version 208

  • Autogrid has been changed. Now there is a Reference Position and a Synch Position. Autoslew will look for Synch Positions and resynch at this position every time it appears. This corrects drift and time flex in long pointing files.
  • The reference position is needed so the synch Position is always slewed to from the same position
  • You can then also add pointingfiles to old folders (as long as in Autoslew the same config was used)
  • Also, you can now continue interrupted pointingfiles. The last grid is always saved.


  • Current beta version with support for weather safety
  • Can work throughout the night through a list of pre-programmed targets
  • Supports Autofocus


  • Error when Filter wheel in MaximDL reports up to 100 Filter positions ! removed
  • Error when CCD cannot report readout mode in MaximDL


  • Unknown?

Changes in Sequence March 2015

Synch and Reference position in Autogrid


One of the problems in longer pointing files is time flex during the making of the pointing file.
This will shift the coordinate offset between the beginning of the pointing file and the end. So if you would slew the first star again, there could be a difference in position. This can be caused by several effects, like temperature.
To avoid this problem, you can check the Boxes Synch and Reference.
The Reference position is a position which is only slewed to without taking an exposure there. For German mounts, it is recommended to make this position low in the East (90 degree Azimuth).
The Synch position is the position where an exposure will be made which will be part of the pointingfile. So why the reference position ?

The reference position is needed so the telescope is always slewed to the synch position from the reference position is a repeatable way. Otherwise the synch position would be slewed to from different places on the sky, causing hysteresis effects.