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Name Nigel Brooks
Lives Wiltshire, England


Formerly director of a management consultancy, with an earlier background in computer consultancy.  Now retired and splitting my time between the UK and France.  Astronomy is a major interest but until recently I have had very little time to devote to it - which explains why it has taken so long to get my observatory up and running. Eventually (but not yet) it will support full remote operation.


Stratis Observatory, Hautes Pyrenees, France

(the Observatory Facebook page has not been updated for some time as I am working on a new observatory web site).


English (native); French (OK)


ASA Equipment

400CA 400mm classical Cassegrain

DDM85XL Premium mount

DDM85K Equatorial pier

ROT4 4" Rotator

4CAKORRFL 4" Field flattener

Other Equipment

ScopeDome 4M automated dome

Mounted on primary OTA:

Hutech/Borg 125mm refractor (secondary OTA piggy-backed on ASA 400CA)

Mounted on secondary OTA:

Meade LX90 (my first serious telescope, not regularly used anymore)

Weather monitoring including Boltwood Cloud Sensor II, Unihedron SQM LE, SensorMetrix T7310